What is ICTA
ICTA (International Coach & Trainer Association) is a professional worldwide Association focusing on ensuring high professional standards across different countries and cultures.

The purpose of ICTA is to accredit Coaches, Trainers and Institutes to ensure high standards of professional coaching and training within the field of personal development.
ICTA aims
  • Ensuring high standards of coaching and training.
  • Accrediting certified Coaches and Trainers.
  • Assisting members in presenting and market their coaching and training services.
  • Assisting others to find a coach or trainer of high standards, who can assist at the conscious as well as at the unconscious level.
  • Supporting members to develop professionally and personally.
  • Setting a frame of ethical standards for the work of members.
  • Listing accredited Institutes who can certify members.
  • Organizing charity projects and support development of professionals worldwide.
  • Organizing special events for members in order for them to exchange professional experiences and be updated on new developments.
The advantages for members of ICTA:
Network of professionals
You became a member of an international network of professionals. This means you are never alone, you could refer customers and clients to your colleges. Members can become supervised by more experienced members in connection with special problems they meet.
International marketing
ICTA logo can be used by Professional Members and Accredited Institutes for marketing and certification. Members can present themselves by name and short introduction on ICTA site and have a link to their own site. And moreover, members can market themselves by writing articles on ICTA site.
Support from ICTA
Members can participate in ICTA conferences and inspire each other by presenting workshops and talks. Members can present themselves to the public as a full scale Institute by cooperating with others in the network. Members who want to do special research within a certain area of interest can apply for financial support from ICTA – when funds are available.
Ethical Code for Members of ICTA
1. The goal of the coach/therapists will always be to forward the personal and psychological development and health for the client. This comes before any personal interests the coach/therapist might have.

2. The coach/therapist has confidentiality in all that he or she learns of their clients during the sessions. Personal information about the client will only be given to a third party with the consent of the client. The only exception from this will be if keeping quiet jeopardizes the safety of the client, the coach/therapist or other people.

3. All written material, that the coach/therapist may keep about the client to help him in his work must a) be kept in a locked place to avoid misuse by a third party, and b) be shown to the client on the request of the client.

4. If the coach/therapist wishes to record a session on tape or videotape to use for his own feedback or for a session with his supervisor, this should be done openly and with the full consent of the client. The supervisor or other third party must see a written consent from the client, before the tape is shown.

5. The coach/therapist will not have a sexual relationship with the client as long as there is a client-therapist relationship.

6. The coach/therapist should refer the client to another colleague, if he finds he is not able to finish the treatment for lack of competence in this special case, or for personal reasons.

7. The coach/therapist will continue his/ her own personal development by participating in courses or peer groups, seeing a coach or therapist regularly and receive supervision on his client work.